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“K Kuypers Construction Ltd. responded almost immediately to a leaky basement this spring caused by two foundation wall cracks. Kevin came to my home within 2 business days of my call to provide an estimate, and within another 3 business days the job was completed. His team of employees was very professional and the job of digging down to the weeping tile level and repairing the two cracks from the outside was completed in less than a day. When the project was completed my yard was as tidy as the day before they arrived. I would recommend K Kuypers Construction to anyone with a foundation problem. They are prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and dedicated to their projects.”

May, 2020
Gord S.

“K. Kuypers Construction came to the rescue after having taken advice from several experts to no avail on a slow but steady trickle of water on one spot of my basement wall. I had opened the wall up near the wet area but no one had come to the right conclusion about what the problem was until K. Kuypers came.

They identified the most likely source of the problem and I agreed to retain their service as my next door neighbours had also very good results from work they did for them a few years ago.

The K. Kuypers Team came out at the pre-agreed upon day and time and dug a narrow, very deep trench all along the basement wall. they prepared my yard with great care with planking so material hauled out and brought in did not damage my front yard. The crew was cheerful and courteous and they worked very very hard.

The cause was located and confirmed immediately. The weeping tile was found completely crushed, probably since home construction in the seventies. Also fine horizontal cracks came off the entree hole for the electrical in the basement wall. With moisture and frost these cracks had developed further with a crumbling of the concrete wall around the electrical main entree. It probably got gradually worse over many years, as this water seepage was only noticed since a little over a year .

All clay and faulty weeping tile was removed by the Kuypers Team by the truckload. New weeping tile was installed with proper fill, the window wells were reinstalled and drainage re-created away from the home. The surface was tidied around the window wells which made the job an extra challenge.

The fence was put back together, the yard very nicely tidied and within two days all worries had evaporated: a great job and no issues ever since.

I still go down after the frost is out of the ground and after heavy rains to check with a moisture meter. The wall remains dry as a bone and the small opening in the insulation and finished wall on the inside of the basement has been reinsulated and put back together after keeping an eye on it to make sure.

The peace of mind and the pleasure of money very well spent will bring comfort and a sense of security well into the future.

Many thanks for a successful project K.Kuypers Construction.”

May, 2020
Hiske G.

“We called Kuypers Construction when my parents basement flooded in Sherwood Park. The owner of the company Kevin was great as was his entire team. They were responsive and professional and got the job done quickly and at a reasonable price. If you ever have issues with your perimeter drains, this is the company to call.”

April, 2020
A Victoria.

“Dear Kevin,
Enclosed is a cheque for the foundation work you did on our house. You and your team were AWESOME. We really appreciated the good job you did. THANKS SO MUCH!”

October, 2017
Zac R.

“Hello Kevin,
We have been negligent in not contacting you to Thank You for the great job that you completed last year. What can I say everything is dry and we are still amazed at how your people cleaned everything up. Please have any potential clients call us if they are looking for a referral.”

June, 2016
Jan & Roy M.

“Dear Kevin & Crew,
Thanks so much! Excellent job – we appreciated how quickly the job was done and the fact that when we returned home, the place looked great. Even my husband (who was the naysayer all along) was pleased. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.”

June, 2014
Vicki P.

“Hello Kevin,
I just wanted to thank you again for the super job and great customer service that I received last fall for the installation of weeping tile and a sump pump at my residence. I was truly impressed with your professionalism and how quickly you and your team were able to get such a HUGE job done in such a short amount of time — amazing! My basement is 100% dry and I hear my pump kicking in from time to time to get the melting snow away from my foundation! I am so relieved! Thank you very much, once again, for the superb service and value! I have already recommended you to my neighbours to the west of my house. (I believe they have contracted you for work later this spring). If there is anywhere else I can post this testimonial to help your business, please let me know as I would b e happy to do so.”

April, 2013
Eva J.

“Dear Kevin,
I am just writing to thank you for the job that you did on our basement last fall. If anything was going to be a test of a waterproofing job on a basement, this past winter was it. Who would have thought that you would need a sump pump in Edmonton in January, and February ?!?!?!

The last week or so this thing has been working overtime keeping us from floating away in all the snowmelt. My neighbours say thanks too, as I’m helping keep them dry too! Your crew was great, fast, efficient, cleaned up the site well, and our basement has been dry every since. We could actually notice a difference almost right away as the wet earth was not in contact with our basement any more. By far the best money that we’ve spent on our house since moving in! I have a couple of friends who have recently bought houses in established neighbourhoods, and have told them that if they have a wet basement, you’re the people in town to call to get it fixed. Thanks again, James and Erin

PS: I actually heard about you (Kuypers Construction) from a colleague who had the previous generation of you guys do his basement a number of years ago and has been dry every since.”

April, 2011
James H.

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