The decision to invest in the foundation of my home was not an easy one given the cost to dig, waterproof, replace weeping tile, add window wells, insulation, and a sump. I am planning a basement renovation and knew I could not move forward until I was confident my water issues were a thing of the past. On a side note, the water issues had been ongoing and were not disclosed by the seller of my home, which was really disheartening. I spoke with and received estimates from 5 different companies. Kevin came to my home on multiple occasions to examine the water issues, including cracks, and to answer questions. He also responded promptly to my emails with even more detail than I requested. This put my mind at ease in a huge way. Kevin’s quote was the most feasible and the timeline he offered was quick. I also spoke with several people I knew, who had Kevin do work for them and the response was the same across the board. Everyone recommended K. Kuypers Construction. As so many of these testimonials describe (yes, I read them too :), the workers arrived on time, they got to work right away, and continued to the end of the work day. I don’t think I have ever seen a group of humans work so hard and efficiently. Kevin was always on site, available for questions, and digging in the trenches. The workers were kind, protected my yard, minimized disruption, and were extremely respectful of my presence, as I was working from home when the foundation work was happening. The job was completed in the timeline suggested and the cost was exactly as estimated. I am so relieved I had this done and that Kevin and his crew did the work. Having had so not so great previous renovation experiences, I was very apprehensive about this project. I was pleasantly surprised throughout the entire process from estimate to finish. I wholeheartedly recommend K. Kuypers Construction.

One last thing…on the north side of my house there was a sidewalk that extended from right against the house to the property line. It needed to be cut in order to accommodate the foundation work. I am not really sure how this is possible, but the sidewalk (which I am not able to replace at this time) looks better since they cut it, than it did before. It is this kind of attention to detail and expertise that just reinforces the decision I made to go with Kuypers. Enjoying and looking forward to a dry basement for years to come.

With gratitude to you and your crew, Kevin.

Nancy S.