This spring we looked for a company to install a sump pump, weeping tile, and repair a crack in our 100 year old home’s foundation. The first company we tried left a giant mess in our yard, a gaping hole in our basement, and told us we’d need close to $100K in extra work. Then they ghosted us when we asked if they could just do the original work that we agreed upon, and were never heard from again.

Then came Kevin and his crew! They were recommended through word of mouth by several people. Not only did they fix the crack, install weeping tile and a sump pump, they filled in the hole left by the previous people. They were completely honest and upfront about costs and did not at any time try to push extra crap on us. No way. They did the work that needed to be done and cleaned up a mess left by the previous company, all in only three days’ time.

I was incredibly impressed by their workmanship, superb custom service, and competitive pricing. I just wish I’d called them first!