Dear Kevin,I am just writing to thank you for the job that you did on our basement last fall. If anything was going to be a test of a waterproofing job on a basement, this past winter was it. Who would have thought that you would need a sump pump in Edmonton in January, and February ?!?!?!The last week or so this thing has been working overtime keeping us from floating away in all the snowmelt. My neighbours say thanks too, as I’m helping keep them dry too! Your crew was great, fast, efficient, cleaned up the site well, and our basement has been dry every since. We could actually notice a difference almost right away as the wet earth was not in contact with our basement any more. By far the best money that we’ve spent on our house since moving in! I have a couple of friends who have recently bought houses in established neighbourhoods, and have told them that if they have a wet basement, you’re the people in town to call to get it fixed. Thanks again, James and ErinPS: I actually heard about you (Kuypers Construction) from a colleague who had the previous generation of you guys do his basement a number of years ago and has been dry every since.