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Weeping tile, also known as a foundation drain, is used to waterproof a building. It is installed around the basement to protect your home from drainage problems and excess humidity levels. This system is connected to the sanitary sewer pipe and redirects water and waste away from the foundation. It also avoids drain clogging issues and protects your house from structural damages. If you want to install weeping tile in Edmonton, look no further than K Kuypers Construction. For over 65 years, we have been providing foundation repair services to our customers. Count on us when you are looking for quality, experienced and reliable services. 

As per building codes, installing weeping tile is mandatory for masonry and concrete foundations. If it is not installed in your house, you may experience problems such as foundation cracks, basement leaks and flooding. It’s better to invest in this system while constructing your building. The process of installation includes placing a plastic or PVC pipe in a trench around your home or under your basement’s floor. A sump pump is then installed to remove excess water.

Call our basement waterproofing experts if you notice the following signs of drain pipe damage:

  • Clogged basement drain
  • Stained on leaking basement walls
  • Surface water disposal problem
  • Damaged sump pump


How Can K Kuypers Construction Help?

Drainage problems go undetected for a long time until they cause damage to your property. It’s important to get them repaired by professional waterproofing contractors. Whether your weeping tile in Edmonton is not in place or is damaged, we can get it fixed. At K Kuypers Construction, we offer fair pricing and quality workmanship. When it comes to weeping tile inspection, installation and repair, we have you covered. We never compromise on the quality of perforated pipes and gravel we use. If you’re not aware of how deep your drain tile should be installed, we can advise you and help keep your foundation safe. 

For more information about weeping tile cost in Edmonton, get in touch with our experts. Contact us for a free estimate or feel free to send us an online query; we will get back to you at the earliest.


When we’re installing weeping tile we’re also sealing the basement walls.
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