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As important as water is to us, it can also cause us some headaches with various problems.  This is mainly true when it comes to safeguarding structures and the management of land.  Through the years, plenty of creative ways have been developed to get water where we want it and away from the places we don’t.  Weeping tile installation and full weeping tile systems are a common method used to disperse groundwater to prevent property damage.

At K. Kuypers Construction Ltd., we have been providing quality weeping tile installation for clients in Edmonton and the surrounding areas for over 65 years.  We offer a 25-year guarantee to every weeping tile installation and foundation repair we do. We perform only one job at a time and dig everything by hand ensuring the safety of your property and landscaping.

What is Weeping Tile?

It is a type of drainage system used to disperse and manage groundwater & surface water.  The idea is to move water that could potentially threaten a structure, and direct it away from the structure. During weeping tile installation four-inch perforated pipes (i.e., weeping tile) are placed underground around the foundation of a basement.  As rainwater filters into the ground is collected by these pipes, it is redirected to the sump pit, which is under the basement.  Weeping tile installation prevents the groundwater from entering the basement and causing foundation damage.


How Weeping Tiles Work?

Exterior weeping tile is installed to manage water below ground level before it enters the basement.  The system consists of weeping tile installation around the perimeter footing and is then sloped into a sump pit.

Interior weeping tile is installed directly under the basement floor, where water is collected in the weeping tile and moved to a sump.  Usually, a 12-inch wide by 12-inch deep trench will be dug around the basement.  The weeping tile will be placed inside the trench filled with coarse gravel and covered by concrete.

When is Weeping Tile Needed?

Your home or commercial property needs weeping tile installation when the building does not already have weeping tile, or the existing system has failed.  Hydrostatic pressure can be exerted on the foundation of a building when the soil gets saturated with water.  This is usually caused by the water table rising.  Variations in the water table level are caused by changes in precipitation between seasons and years.  Water can seep into the foundation and into the basement.  This can be relieved and the problems prevented with weeping tile installation.

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When we’re installing weeping tile we’re also sealing the basement walls.
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