Waterproofing Your Basement in Edmonton

There’s nothing worse than discovering a few inches of water in your basement after a heavy rain or quick snow melt. With some necessary basement waterproofing, Edmonton’s K Kuypers Construction will help you keep your socks dry and your basement mold-free. We offer a number of different waterproofing methods to make sure the water stays out!

Before addressing the solutions it’s best to understand the problem. Why exactly do basements leak in the first place? There are a few different causes that can lead to a leaky basement, and knowing what exactly these factors are doing to your household is important. The most common causes of basement leaking is the result of the following:

Cracks in your concrete
Movement in foundation footings due to soil erosion
No weeping tile in place
Clogged or damaged weeping tile
Water built up inside window wells


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The Risky Results of Not Waterproofing

Failure to waterproof of course results in leaking of varying degrees – from a slight dampness to full on inches of water, it’s all risky to your property and your health.

Property Damage – Water damage can not only destroy your furniture, carpets, and personal possessions, but your drywall and foundation could be at risk of serious structural damage. Ignoring flooding and moisture can have potentially expensive, long-term effects. Don’t risk poor living conditions due to the extended exposure to what just seems like a little bit of water.

Illness – Leaks and dampness can easily lead to mold, mildew, and rot in your walls. Not only can this lead to damage, but the presence of mold can pose serious health risks for you and your family. Respiratory related illness can lead to allergic asthma or allergic rhinitis. Coughing, sneezing, irritation to the eyes, rashes, fatigue, and persistent headaches can all be symptomatic of black mold exposure or black mold poisoning.

Our Waterproof Solutions

Several strategies are available to prevent flooding and water seepage into our basements. While some solutions are clearly simpler than others, K Kuypers Construction offers four specific methods to keep your basement dry through any weather.

Weeping Tile
A weeping tile is a misleading name, as this instrument is a porous plastic drain pipe installed around the perimeter of the house around the basement foundation. (The pipe got it name from the fact that it used to be made from terracotta tiles.) Weeping tile controls the water table and funnels water towards the sump pump. This prevents water from collecting around your foundation and leaking into your basement.

Foundation Sealants
In poured concrete foundations, cracks and pipe penetrations are usually the main sources of leaking water. These openings can be sealed from the exterior. We use a 4 step method for waterproofing your basement.

Crack Repairs
Often times when pouring your foundation, the concrete can develop pockets of air, or the mixture is not allowed to cure properly, resulting in a crack. These cracks can allow water to force its way through the wall and into your basement. We use the same 4 step procedure on crack as we do when waterproofing your basement walls

Foundation Insulation
Also, we use a foundation insulation board called geo-drain insulation board which protects the membrane. It acts as drainage of any water away from the foundation wall. It takes lateral pressure off the foundation wall and ads 9.6 R-value.


When we’re installing weeping tile we’re also sealing the basement walls.
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Basement Leaking?

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