Repair a Basement Crack in Edmonton with K Kuypers Construction

Maintaining your home is essential for both resale value (if you decide to move and for your comfort) and safety (while you’re living in it). One of the ways to ensure your home is in good condition is to repair minor damages without fail. If you have a problem in your basement that necessitates a basement crack repair service, we can help. K. Kuypers Construction Ltd has the experience and a professional team to help you. We also specialize in basement waterproofing.

Causes of Cracks in your Basement

Before repairing a basement crack, it is important to know the nature of the crack and its effects on your structure some of which are:

Movement of the Ground 

Due to the movement and shifting of the ground around the foundation, cracks occur and multiply with time. 

Soil Settlement 

The soil beneath a foundation wall compresses due to heavy rain or water leaks resulting in vertical wall cracks. 


Soon after the construction of the house, the poured concrete foundation dries or shrinks leading to cracks.



Benefits of Basement Crack Repair

 A timely repair can help you save money and your basement in the long run. Other advantages include:

Increased Home Value 

Mending your basement not only ensures the stability of your house but also becomes an attractive investment for potential buyers. 

Flood Prevention 

Leaving the damaged foundation unattended might lead to plumbing problems such as leaks in the toilet or sink area. Foundation repair often includes a sump pump to avert flooding issues in the future. 

Saves Your Time 

Basement repair can be time-consuming as the foundation will shift over time and can cause aesthetic damage to your home. Taking care of little issues can spare you from bigger problems down the road.

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When we’re installing weeping tile we’re also sealing the basement walls.
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