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Leaky Basement?

Dampness or water in your basement means you’ve got a leak somewhere. It may be due to cracks in the foundation or a lack of a working weeping tile system which controls your water table.

Concrete is very rigid and even new homes can suffer from cracked foundations. Older homes may have cracks and/or lack a weeping tile system.

Weeping Tile Installation & Foundation Waterproofing


Install Foundation Insulation

(R-value 8.08 is added to your foundation walls)

Crack Repair

Seal it properly

Sump Pump Installation

Prevents water damage and flooding (what you need to know)


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Weeping Tile Installation & Foundation Waterproofing

Homes in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s did not have weeping tile installed around the foundation. Weeping tile was not a technology available to home builders of that day. What we do is install weeping tile to move water away from the foundation. Once we install your weeping tile we will waterproof the exterior foundation walls.

Foundation Insulation Installation

Foundation insulation board is intended for use as a component in all types of foundation building systems and adds an R-Value of 8.08 to your foundation. It provides the following 4 key features in a properly designed foundation:

1. Insulation board provides a monolithic insulation layer eliminating thermal shorts and reducing thermal stresses that can cause cracking of concrete walls.

2. The board surface in contact with the soil provides a capillary-breaking layer, which directs water to the weeping tile.

3. The grooved surface of the board in contact with the foundation wall provides an additional drainage plane to relieve any hydrostatic pressure that may develop adjacent to the foundation wall and direct water to the weeping tile.

4. It protects waterproofing material from damage during backfill operation.

Crack Repair

Cracks may appear in foundations of all ages. If water pools near the crack it will leak into your basement. If this happens you will often see water running down the walls or water stains on the inside of the basement walls after it rains. In these cases we have to dig down around the crack and seal it properly.


When we’re installing weeping tile we’re also sealing the basement walls.
Kevin Kuypers digging around a home in Edmonton, AB
Kevin (third-generation owner) working with his crew at a job site.


Typically foundation repair includes:

  • Hand digging around the outside of the house/building to the base of the foundation
  • Installation of weeping tile
  • Sealing outside walls
  • Install an exterior wall insulation system with an R-value of 8.08
  • Hand digging a sump hole in the basement
  • Installing a sump pump to move water away from the house/building
  • Installing window wells and window well drains


Basement Leaking?

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