Company History

“A neighbour had a wet basement and told my grandfather…”

The Story: How We Became Foundation Specialists

Kevin recalls how our legacy as foundation specialists began: “The business was started by my grandfather in 1954. My grandfather immigrated from Holland during the war. He worked for a number of different companies over the years. In 1954 he found himself laid off and looking for work.”

“A neighbour had a wet basement and told my grandfather. He told him what had to be done and my grandfather wasn’t working so he said he would do the job.”

“He dug around that house by himself, the whole house. He did the whole job and fixed the neighbour’s leaky basement. So, a light bulb went off and he thought there was a business opportunity.” That is, in short, how K Kuypers Construction began its journey to becoming the foundation specialists we are now.

Kuypers Construction team photo in the 1950s
“My grandmother used to tell a story

about how it all started. She asked how much my grandfather planned to charge and he said $150 and she responded with how nobody could afford that much. Remember, this was the 50’s and that was a lot of money. My grandfather forged ahead and a business was born.”

“My father worked with my grandfather and then my father went off doing different jobs for a while. When my grandfather was killed in a car accident, my father took some time off work to finish existing contracts and then just continued on and took over the business.”

“I worked for the business when I was younger but also went off to pursue other jobs. If you’re not busy though, there is always work on the end of a shovel. I came home and joined the business in 1985 and have never looked back. In 2004, my dad retired and I bought the business and took over.” Kevin has over 30 years of experience in installing weeping tile, repairing cracks, sump pit and foundation installation experience. He is known to be an expert in the field of foundation repairs. Now over 30 years of installing weeping tile and becoming the foundation specialists that Edmonton and area know today”

Happy Customers

“Dear Kevin & Crew,
Thanks so much! Excellent job – we appreciated how quickly the job was done and the fact that when we returned home, the place looked great. Even my husband (who was the naysayer all along) was pleased. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.” June, 2014
Vicki P.

“Dear Kevin,
Enclosed is a cheque for the foundation work you did on our house. You and your team were AWESOME. We really appreciated the good job you did. THANKS SO MUCH!” October, 2017
Zac R.

“Hello Kevin,
We have been negligent in not contacting you to Thank You for the great job that you completed last year. What can I say everything is dry and we are still amazed at how your people cleaned everything up. Please have any potential clients call us if they are looking for a referral.”
Jan & Roy M.

“Hello Kevin,
I just wanted to thank you again for the super job and great customer service that I received last fall for the installation of weeping tile and a sump pump at my residence. I was truly impressed with your professionalism and how quickly you and your team were able to get such a HUGE job done in such a short amount of time — amazing! My basement is 100% dry and I hear my pump kicking in from time to time to get the melting snow away from my foundation! I am so relieved! Thank you very much, once again, for the superb service and value! I have already recommended you to my neighbours to the west of my house. (I believe they have contracted you for work later this spring). If there is anywhere else I can post this testimonial to help your business, please let me know as I would b e happy to do so.” April, 2013
Eva J.

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