K. Kuypers Construction original crew!
K. Kuypers Construction’s first crew!

It’s hard to believe that 70 years ago, K Kuypers Construction began its journey to becoming the foundation specialists we are now. From fixing a neighbour’s leaky basement in 1954 to now being Edmonton’s leading foundation company, we never could have imagined where we would be today.

To Our Community:

70 years is a hard-earned milestone that we are so proud of. We’re celebrating 7 decades of incredible teamwork, continuous innovation, satisfied customers, and dedication to our community. Our experience has led to many achievements, including being recognized as a Consumer’s Choice Award winner five years in a row.

Of course, along with these rewarding highs came some uncertain lows. Throughout these challenges, our presence and resilience have never faltered. From the pandemic to extreme weather events, we’ve always strived to be someone our community can rely on. We’ve been here through it all, and we’ll continue to be here whenever you need us!

Despite the ups and downs, one thing has remained clear. How grateful we are for each of you! Thank you for every service request, project, review, and word-of-mouth referral. The support and encouragement from our customers means everything to us, and you have been an integral part of our journey.

We also couldn’t celebrate this achievement without sharing some appreciation for our suppliers and industry partners who have been working with us throughout the years. We’ve worked hard to build a trustworthy reputation, and it’s because we have people like you who we can count on to help us do so. Special thanks to Unicon Concrete Specialist Ltd. and All-Type Office Services Ltd. Thank you for being valued partners in our 70-year journey!

Here’s to Many More Years

This anniversary signifies not only the years of hard work but also the exciting potential that lies ahead for us. While our family-run business has grown exponentially, our values and vision have remained constant. We may not have all the secrets to success, but one thing we know for sure is that without a great team, nothing is possible. If there’s one lesson we could pass on, it’s to value your team. Always lead by example, and never ask an employee to do something that you wouldn’t do.

K Kuypers Construction has been a trusted expert in Edmonton foundations since 1954, offering quality you can rely on. We would be honoured to help you address any foundation concerns in your home. 

We are so thankful for the longevity of the business so far and are grateful for the people who have worked alongside us for the past 70 years. Thanks to your loyalty, we’ve reached 70 years in business, and we look forward to your ongoing support and partnerships!