If you have concerns about your foundation or a leaky basement, you’ve got enough on your mind without learning a whole new language! The terminology of foundation repair can be daunting, so the experts at K. Kuypers have gathered the ‘foundational’ terms you need to know when it comes to waterproofing and foundation repair.

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Glossary:

Expansive soil (expansive clay): Any soil that expands and contracts due to the presence or absence of water can be considered expansive.

Egress Window: A window that opens from the inside without keys or tools. Often used as an emergency exit.

Fill: Soil added to provide the level or desired construction surface or grade. Substitute gravel for dirt to decrease hydrostatic pressure on basement walls.

Foundation: The part of a structure in direct contact with the ground that transmits the load of the structure to the ground. The most common forms are slab on grade, pier and beam, block and base, and basement foundations.

Frost heaving: Expansion that results when a mixture of soil and water freezes. Upon freezing, the total volume may increase by as much as 25%, depending on the formation of ice at the boundary between the frozen and unfrozen soil.

No loud and heavy machinery is necessary when it comes to hand excavation!

Grade: The level of the ground surface. Also, the rise of falls per given distance

Hand Excavation: Just as it sounds! We don’t use any heavy machinery, all the digging is completed by hand and shovel to avoid damaging your lawn.

Hydrostatic pressure: Groundwater pressure that builds up and compromises the structural integrity of a foundation.

Moisture barrier: A means of maintaining moisture content beneath a foundation consistence of an impermeable barrier extending to some depth and in close proximity to the perimeter beam.  Moisture barriers are commonly found in crawl space encapsulation, basement wall waterproofing, and drainage projects.

Poured basement walls: A standard slab wall. Susceptible to cracks from hydrostatic buildup.

Stress: The force at a point in a soil mass that is due to the weight of the soil above the point plus any applied structural load.

Sump pump: A device used to forcibly discharge intrusive basement or crawl space water out and away from the foundation.

Water leaks: Water from any domestic source that accumulates under the foundation.

Water table: The upper surface of water saturation in permeable soil or rock.

Window well: A semi-circle hole surrounded by corrugated metal typically in front of the basement window. They allow light to enter the basement and allow for better insulation.

Weeping Tile: A porous pipe used for water collection and discharge under your basement home.

If you still have questions about foundation repair or how any of the terms above impact your home’s waterproofing, reach out to the professionals at K. Kuypers Construction. With trusted expertise, we are here to help keep your home and family safe and dry. Don’t just take our word for it, read what our past clients have to say and see why K. Kuypers has won a Consumer Choice Award for the third year in a row, providing impressive results and award-winning customer service since 1954.