Basements are generally used for storage and recreational purposes. Structurally, they constitute the foundation of a building. Have you discovered cracks in your basement wall or floor? This can compromise the strength and stability of your entire house.  If you are seeking basement crack repair services, K Kuypers Construction is your one-stop shop. We have been serving our clients in Edmonton and the surrounding areas since 1954.

Different Types of Basement Cracks

Concrete shrinks during the curing process, leading to the formation of cracks. These usually cause water seepage and other structural damages to your house. The common types of cracks you may notice in your building are:

Horizontal cracks: They are usually located at the center or near the top of the wall and are very structurally hazardous. They are usually caused by lateral pressure from the surrounding water-saturated soil.  Immediate repair is crucial to prevent the basement wall from bowing out or possibly caving in.

Vertical Cracks: These are usually caused by shrinkage of materials, tipping walls or settling soil, creating additional pressure on the foundation wall. They often lead to the seepage of a water into the basement.

Stair Step Cracks: These are usually associated with foundation issues and are caused by excess moisture or extreme pressure on one part of the wall. Commonly found in houses made up of bricks or located on hillsides, they result in wilting walls, sloping floors and misaligned windows.

Diagonal cracks: These usually occur due to the instability of wall supports, foundation settlement, and soil movement. They are common in houses which are made up of shrinkable clay soil or have fast-growing trees in the vicinity.

Basement waterproofing is essential to prevent property damage caused by these cracks. If you are looking for basement crack repair services, K Kuypers Construction can help. We provide long-lasting and high-quality foundation craftsmanship to our clients.

Method Used to Repair Basement Cracks

Our company believes in repairing all cracks from the exterior.  We live in a climate that is always changing.  To keep you property safe from water damage we fix all cracks from the outside of your foundation.

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